Sai Help Foundation prides itself on its efforts to help schools across Latin America, Asia, and North America. To date, we have seen our impact stretch globally into countries like Panama and Costa Rica and even all the way to India. Our goal is to continue expanding our footprint in education to help teachers, students, parents, and many more families through education.

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan LA

Sai Help Foundation is affiliated with a renowned temple in the city of Montebello in the greater Los Angeles area. Known for its incredible devotee community and fantastic facilities, this temple receives tens of thousands of visitors every year. The temple has hosted many food drives and continues to be a pillar in the local community.

Sai Health Camps

We are proud to offer Sai Health Camps, an initiative to help promote health literacy and preventative medicine throughout the world. This is a new initiative, and to date, we have rolled out these camps on a limited scale. However, we have received great feedback and support every time, and we plan to host more of these camps.