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Help is Our Main Goal

Sai Help Foundation was established in 2012 by a Californian family hoping to giving those living in need new opportunities. The foundation’s directors are Alekya and Deepak Tummala.

At Sai Help Foundation, our mission is to improve educational opportunities and physical living conditions for those in need throughout the world. We do this by providing education, healthcare, and construction grants. Also, we help manage a non-profit temple called Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan LA. Then, we manage schools in Panama. Two of the schools are under the brand Grupo Academia Internacional (International Academy Group) and one is under American School International (ASI). We had another brand previously called just American School. We also hope to start Sai Health Camps to encourage health literacy and preventative medicine. We also have done various food drives at the temple and host large festivals and provide food for all. Also, we might help provide various school supplies and help towards teachers’ salaries and students through perhaps even scholarships. We will also allow for volunteer opportunities

Our Belief

Free books, dress, food etc doesn’t translate always into education.

Lot of work is being done by various organizations world wide to provide education, infrastructure , contents, aid but what matters the most is proper implementation.

Most of the 3rd world countries like Panama, are marred by severe differentials in the education standards / facilities in public and private schools , as evident in growing inequalities prevailing in related aspects due chain effect.

A singular approach by targeting public schools only will not help in attaining uniformity in education , thus a multi pronged approach of working with private schools to adopt public schools is a right option. Thus we believe in involving the students and teachers directly in the process of teaching to get the best possible result.

Our Belief

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